The tale of Carthage is the tale of courthouses. In the early days of our history Scottish immigrants trudged their way up the Cape Fear Valley reaching the Moore County area in the mid-1780s. These settlers found the perfect location for a new town on a high hill. They established their community and named it Fagansville after an early pioneer, Richardson Fagin. Moore County’s first courthouse was built on Killetts Creek in 1785. Through the years, activities in Carthage have revolved around the courthouse and still do today. Learn more about Carthage on their website!


 Population: 2,341

Male – Female Ratio: 45% – 55%

Median Resident Age: 42.6 years

Median Household Income: $34,749

Median Household Value: $125,769

 Carthage Calendars of Events




Parks and Recreation

  • Nancy Kiser Park 

“Completed in 2002, the Nancy Kiser Park is a nine acre community park….the park contains a baseball/softball field, walking trail, playground, two tennis courts, a basketball court, volleyball court, amphitheater….”

  • Hillcrest Park910.947.2504

“Hillcrest Park has 2 playgrounds, picnic tables, 1.5 mile walking trail, 2 volleyball courts, 18 hole disc golf course, four 300 foot baseball/softball fields with field house and concession stand…”

  • Lake Luke Marion

“Lake Luke Marion is a peaceful lake in downtown Carthage. IT is a stocked lake with a pier. No swimming is allow. There is a 1/3 mile walking trail around the lake…”


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