Social areas don’t have to be relegated to the backyard. Make your home inviting with these tips for curb-appeal-boosting living spaces for the front.
By: Alyson McNutt English

Good curb appeal isn’t only about a tidy exterior and attractive landscaping. “The main purpose of curb appeal is to create a look and feel that projects ‘welcome,'” says Norma Lehmeier Hartie, author of the book Sell Your Home Fast in a Buyers’ Market.
Few things are more welcoming than cozy outdoor living spaces, but too often, they’re tucked into backyards and hidden behind fences. Boost your street chic by creating front-and-center outdoor living areas that will make passers-by pause and prospective buyers swoon.

Top Priority: Porch Power

As far as bang for your buck (or your time investment), nothing says “we live a good life here” like a cozy seating area on a front porch. “You want to convey the idea that the home’s occupants enjoy relaxation and comfort,” Norma says.

Make sure you don’t add too much furniture, however; scale it to the size of your porch area. Narrow porches might do well just to add a bench and a small side table, while more expansive porches might be able to have a host of cozy rocking chairs, a porch swing or an outdoor table with a few chairs for friends.

And don’t forget that outdoor living spaces need some decorating…
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