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Maison Realty strives to be “Always a step Ahead”. 

This means we take it to the maximum to utilize all tools at our disposal to fully market a property to a prospective buyer.  Our goal is to pull a buyer in just off the MLS exploiting professional lens and photographer, drone photography,  and carefully designed staging to appeal to current market trends.  The Real Estate Industry has greatly diversified the cutting edge REALTOR® from the average amateur Agent.  The future of Real Estate is taking what we do now and diversifying it as Maison Realty does and staying with the technology to push forward into a new Age of homebuying.  At Maison we have utilized social media, blogging, videos and other digital marketing to sell homes in a matter of weeks or days, sometimes in as little as TWO days.

See how Maison uses these techniques to sell your home faster than other agents.


 1.   Newest Technology for Showcasing HomesImage result for drone

Maison Realty uses only the best photographers in town with the most relevant equipment for the job, specifically:  Drones.  

Drones allow for a larger picture of the property to get a more rounded view.  Notice on the property below how we can view the entire yard, neighboring house and roofline.  This secures buyers to feel safer on investing in this home as they can see the roof to verify structure soundness, see the yard to gain perspective on size, and see neighboring homes to gauge proximity without even visiting the property.  These images are still new to real estate and will stay in their more as its unusual.


2.   Professional Real Estate Photographer vs Camera Phone

Cell phones have a harder time getting enough light into a photo.  Even with filters and flash it will either block a window view, recess back in a halo or just not be enough to catch the shot by width.  We use professional Real Estate Photographers with wide lens to gather a wholesome view of a room allowing a prospective buyer to better visualize the space without being present.  See below the difference between a cell phone and Professional Camera.  












 Which photo would you scroll past versus pause and gaze at the beautiful tile work and deep garden tub? 

Click the Photos to see more pictures of this home.


3.  Angles are Everything

Angles also play a huge role in the way a house is portrayed.  We are conditioned to accept some photos as “better” than others just based on proper perpendicular angling.  This can connotate to good or bad thoughts towards the property despite having all their check marks.  Proper angles can also lend the impression that the home is larger.  Notice how much smaller the home looks in the right photo.  


Another great example in the photo below.   This photo is shot from two different angles and complete change the feel of the room, specifically providing depth and length.  By creatively letting the photographer pick his angle we gain a better viewpoint.  Some agents who list a home for sale don’t calculate how buyers will perceive the property because they SEE the property personally and can’t analyze how a photo will alter from a photo only gallery.



 Click on the photo to see this home!


 4.   Experts Staging Tactics

Experts have proven that seeing a space sparsely but decoratively furnished is easier to envision yourself in than a blank space.  We at Maison have the experience and expertise to create an inviting energy which shares both in photos and in person.  Statistics have shown that:

“81% of buyers say home staging makes it easier to visualize the property as their future home. 45% of buyers say it will positively impact the value of the home if it is decorated to the buyer’s tastes.”

Click on this photo to view this Aberdeen treasure!

Careful placing of neutral decor and designer materials make people immediately feel more favorable to a space.  Professional Home Staging Company found that  “A survey … found that staged homes spend half the time on the market than non-staged homes.”  That’s a huge difference in the real estate world, imagine selling your home in half the time frame!  Simply by hiring a team who has experience and ability to utilize this great tactic!

Click the photo above to see more staging photos of this beautiful home.  

Notice how in the above photo you can gauge the vastness of the room but furniture placement, in a home that is not furnished it is difficult to tell how large or small a space is.


5.  Our Team

The final theme which keeps us striving forward and finding and using new techniques to sell a home faster and to our client’s advantage is owner and dedicated REALTOR® Amy Stonesifer.

 Award winning REALTOR® Amy Stonesifer got into the business of selling homes because she wanted to get out on her own.  Seven years ago, she realized she was becoming restless and needed new challenges beyond managing the household while her husband served in the Army in some of the most dangerous parts of the world.  What started out as a simple midlife-career change quickly became one Moore County’s fastest growing real estate firms.  That’s because she realized there was an unmet need, one that she could intimately identify with:  Soldiers and their families who need specialized individuals to take care of their homes while they’re away — and to sell them quickly when their assignments changed.  As business boomed, she recruited the best of the best and built the 

                                                                                   Maison Real Estate Team

a team of highly talented, client-focused professionals who have the ability to meet military families where they’re at.  Stonesifer’s disciplined, results-focused approach to buying and selling homes has become as much a mission as a business, one that gives back to the community and expresses deep appreciation for our men and women in uniform.

One reason we strive to stay ahead in the real estate market is because of our fierce dedication and loyalty to our clients and our desire to provide the very best they deserve.  We really do work by our motto:  Always a Step Ahead.












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