Situated in the Sandhills Region of North Carolina in Moore County, Vass is located on US Hwy 1 approximately 60 miles south of Raleigh and approximately five miles from the western side of the Ft. Bragg Military Reservation.  Its location, as well as excellent schools, make it an ideal bedroom community for RTP commuters and Ft. Bragg families.The town, which covers three square miles, may be small, but has all the amenities your family needs. Vass is a great place to live, raise children and enjoy the warmth, hospitality and charm of small town living. Learn more at their website!


Population: 734

Male – Female Ratio: 41.1% – 58.9%

Median Resident Age: 41.1 years

Median Household Income: $26,900

Median Household Value: $116,425


Calendars of Events


Parks and Recreation

  • Sandy Ramey Keith Park

“…two basketball courts, a tennis court, a playground, picnic shelter and ball field.”{68490519-CEB6-4F89-9CCF-50E98F0EC2AF}&DE={0B1CF630-F40D-457A-81B9-CA2E3CA7B446}

  • Vass Memorial Garden – 910.245.4676

“…located on Main Street…you can purchase a brick for the garden engraved with the name of your loved one…”{68490519-CEB6-4F89-9CCF-50E98F0EC2AF}&DE={874AFFB2-6DBB-491D-B726-0241028CCC67}


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